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Design, Digital Product Development, Website, and Branding Agencies in Medellín, Colombia
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Design, Digital Product Development, Website, and Branding Agencies in Medellín, Colombia

By Stiven Martínez

March 16, 2024

Medellín, my hometown and current residence, has undergone a remarkable transformation. After overcoming a turbulent era, it has become a favorite destination for technology sector professionals and related fields, both for living and extended stays. The investment in infrastructure, combined with the talent of local artists and entrepreneurs, has positioned Medellín as a "mini Silicon Valley" in the region.

Located in Antioquia, Colombia, Medellín stands out for its vibrant scene in product design and development. The city's design agencies offer services ranging from product design to development and production. These agencies collaborate with companies of all sizes, including startups and multinationals, guiding products from concept to market launch. Additionally, many of them focus on sustainable design and ethical production, making them attractive to companies committed to corporate social responsibility.

In this context, I have selected the 5 most outstanding design and development agencies for the quality of their work and their contribution to the growth of Medellín's technological community:


This agency, winner of the 2020 city brand contest organized by the Medellín city hall, has over 50 years of experience in developing brand identities for important local and national companies.


With years of experience in design for the Colombian and international public, Imaginamos is recognized for being founded by Simón Borrero, current CEO of Rappi.

Los Creativos

Although not known for their visual work or branding, I highlight Los Creativos for their excellent performance in SEO, making them an ideal option for startups and companies looking to improve their search engine positioning.


With a young team in tune with current trends such as social networks and platforms like TikTok and Instagram, StartupsLab is the perfect choice for companies looking to boost their marketing.


Special mention to the agency I have formed with several colleagues, all experts in different areas and currently also working in large global companies. If you are looking for brand design, website development, or even your first digital product (MVP), Amadezing will undoubtedly be the best option in the city.

These agencies represent the forefront of product design and development in Medellín, contributing to the growth and innovation of the local technological community.