Stiven Martínez


What is generative UI?
Translated by ChatGPT

What is generative UI?

By Stiven Martínez

April 20, 2024

If you've just heard this term, don't worry, you're not the only person finding out about this trend in user interface (UI) design combined with artificial intelligence (AI). How is this possible? It's through generative UI, that is, interfaces generated through prompts in AI tools like ChatGPT.

How does generative UI work?

Imagine that every web page you see (page, not site, site is the whole thing, page is just a URL) is written in a language that computers interpret and convert into what you see on your browser like Google Chrome, this language is a piece of code, like a recipe. Now, imagine that AI understands this piece of code and understands patterns among different code pieces of each page that a website has and learns to write its own pieces of code based on some variant introduced by the prompt.

That is, you write a prompt in an AI tool such as: “music website”, then the AI will analyze in a database the structures of multiple websites that you previously gave it to understand how each of these structures was and with the new prompt understanding that it is for a music website, generate a new one, but based on the patterns you had given it programmatically.

This way you will have unlimited UIs, in real-time, which tells us that the future of UI will be dynamic, that is, each user can have their own personalized interface according to their tastes, from any app or website.

How can I do generative UI?

Through Figma plugins, we can already generate complete interfaces and design systems with AI prompts, also with the tools from the Adobe suite, and you can even find tools that auto-generate websites like Framer.