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Create Logo with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Create Logo with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By Stiven Martínez

March 16, 2024

Currently, we live in a digital era in which artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we perform various activities. Tasks that previously could take days, weeks, or even months can now be executed by AI in a matter of milliseconds. This reality, which seemed utopian just a few years ago, is possible thanks to AI tools like Dall-E from OpenAI or Stable Diffusion, among others.

The generation and design of logos with artificial intelligence is a task that can be easily accomplished. With just a command to your preferred AI image generation tool, you can obtain impressive results. For example, by writing: "I need a logo for my insurance company called SegurosYa," you will receive proposals like the following:

Pros of Creating a Logo with AI:

  • Instant design.

  • Possibility to receive multiple proposals, depending on the limit set by the tool.

  • Free access, with the option to purchase PRO versions for better results, as in the case of Dall-E from OpenAI.

Cons of Creating a Logo with AI:

  • Limited customization.

  • Difficulty in drafting effective prompts that generate the desired result.

  • Logos are not editable.

  • Lack of brand identity manual.

  • Risk of copying or duplication.


Personally, I recommend creating logos with AI for those who do not have design knowledge but have a clear idea they want to materialize, especially if they have a limited budget. This tool is also useful for getting a first approximation of what you have in mind. However, for professional results that contribute to the real growth of a business, it is advisable to hire the services of an agency or an experienced freelancer. In this way, you could even present the idea generated by the AI and make it easier for your designer or trusted agency to understand the project.